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BSG TOS 1978 - Season 1 - Episode 11

BSG TOS 1978 - 1x11 - The Young Lords - Originally Aired: 1978-11-19

My Rating - 2

Fan Rating Average - 4.72

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Starbuck is marooned on a world where the Cylons have wiped out most of the adult population, leaving tribes of children in charge. He must lead them in a daring raid to free their father from the Cylons. [DVD]



Remarkable Scenes
- Starbuck: "Take it easy, will ya?" Centurion: "These humanoids are not well constructed. They damage easily." Starbuck: "At least we don't rust." Centurion: "Silence."
- Watching Baltar play head games with the IL-series Cylons, while corny, was strangely amusing.
- Colonial officer gives rank insignia to someone count 3. Starbuck gives rank insignia to Kyle.

My Review
On yet another habitable planet, the adventures of Starbuck and/or Apollo continue. This week, Starbuck gets to lead an army of children against a Cylon-occupied castle. Meanwhile, the bad guys reinforce their incompetence by engaging in endless bickering, shortly before one of their occupied territories is overrun by a ridiculously small army of children. An extra point for making an (admittedly half-assed) attempt at doing character development on Baltar and his Cylon allies.

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