By Eric Newport

From pharaoh's throne to the sarcophagus,
he brought about a small apocalypse.
An empire built at swordpoint's unity.
Great atrocity with impunity;
without a redeemable quality
or any esteemable property.

An era of such brutal oppression;
centuries in unceasing succession.
Depression led people to apathy.
But the people's descended progeny
wanted freedom from prolonged slavery
caused by blind faith and ruthless tyranny.

They believed he was not really a god,
in fact nothing more than a clever fraud.
A devious man trying to sanctify
his everlasting need to satisfy
insatiable greed built upon a lie.
So such establishment needed to die.

He was ripe for conquest by them that day.
Sensing all his power fading away,
it was clear that there was no hope in sight.
In defiance he decided to fight
so all the pieces of his life just might
shine as brightly in the absence of light.