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Star Trek TAS - Season 1 - Episode 06

Star Trek TAS - 1x06 - The Survivor

Originally Aired: 1973-10-13

A long-lost philanthropist, Carter Winston, is discovered on board a damaged one-man vessel and is reunited with his fiancee on board the Enterprise. [Blu-ray] [DVD]

My Rating - 1

Fan Rating Average - 4

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- How could McCoy not know how many examining tables are in his sickbay?
- In one scene, Nored's starfleet symbol was on the opposite side of her uniform because they used a mirror image of her stock animation.

- This episode establishes that McCoy has a (probably grown) daughter.
- This is the first episode to feature M'Ress, another cool and very different alien we get to see thanks to the benefits of a cartoon.

Remarkable Scenes
- Romulan: "You appear to have a propensity for trespassing in the neutral zone, captain Kirk." Kirk: "It was not deliberate, I assure you." Romulan: "It never is." A nice reference to all the times the Enterprise has crossed the zone.

My Review
I couldn't write a better review than the one of pure perfection on Bernd Schneider's site. "A living legend of the Federation (what a surprise) on a damaged shuttle (what a surprise), whose fiancee is on the Enterprise (what a surprise), turns out a shapeshifter (what a surprise), causes trouble by assuming the shapes of crew members (what a surprise) and orders a course through the Neutral Zone (what a surprise). The whole episode is nothing but 'All kinds of TOS cliches in 25 minutes', almost like an unintentional parody, and doesn't show anything original." I might add, another alien race which we'll never see again (what a surprise) and another female crewmember who fails in her duty thanks to love (what a surprise).

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