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Star Trek TAS - Season 1 - Episode 12

Star Trek TAS - 1x12 - The Time Trap

Originally Aired: 1973-11-24

While exploring the Delta Triangle, where many starships have disappeared, the Enterprise is attacked by several Klingon vessels. [Blu-ray] [DVD]

My Rating - 6

Fan Rating Average - 4.4

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- Kirk claims the stardate is 52.2. WTF? I don't normally say anything about stardates, but when they start going backwards I start getting annoyed.
- Scotty claimed the SS Bonaventure was the first ship with warp drive. This is not correct. Maybe he meant it was the first Federation ship with warp drive?


Remarkable Scenes
- Kirk: "Mr. Spock has come up with a formula which may just get us out of here." The screen shows a bunch of symbols and numbers that don't make any sense. Hilarious.
- Kor and Kirk working together.
- Spock pretending to be nice to the Klingons as an excuse to touch them and probe their minds to find their hidden intent.

My Review
This episode bears an obvious reference to the Bermuda Triangle. The residents of the triangle formed a kind of miniature Federation, though it's not credible that the alien Elysian council is so ruthless in their methods of enforcing their odd laws, thankfully they don't get a chance to. Remarkable detail: the Elysian council is made up of several races we've already seen before. Such as an Orion female, a Tellarite, and even a Gorn!

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