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Star Trek Voy - Season 3 - Episode 19

Star Trek Voy - 3x19 - Rise

Originally Aired: 1997-2-26

A planet is bombarded with deadly asteroids. [DVD]

My Rating - 4

Fan Rating Average - 4.19

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Remarkable Scenes
- Neelix' overly enthusiastic attitude and his fumbling with the backpack.
- Tuvok's little strength pissing contest with one of the aliens, crushing his fist.
- Neelix freaking out at Tuvok.
- Tuvok: "I am looking for Mr. Neelix' instinct. Perhaps it will be marked."
- Alien regarding having pushed Tuvok off the lift: "Mr. Tuvok returned to the surface."
- Neelix to the ambassador: "Mr. Sklar returned to the surface."

My Review
Redirecting asteroids to planets as a method of conquest is an interesting concept and an original plot. Unfortunately the episode concentrates very little on these would-be conquerors and nearly exclusively on Tuvok and Neelix. Not that there's anything wrong with that; it's just that the aliens of the week were particularly more interesting to me than another Neelix vs. Tuvok conflict. With respect to their conflict though, the episode reminded me quite a bit of the conflicts Spock and Dr. McCoy used to have. And in that respect, the episode was quite entertaining. Overall the episode is decent. It has some untapped potential though.

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