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Star Trek Voy - Season 4 - Episode 05

Star Trek Voy - 4x05 - Revulsion

Originally Aired: 1997-10-1

The Doctor encounters a psychopathic hologram. [DVD]

My Rating - 5

Fan Rating Average - 3.61

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- The attraction between Tom and Torres has obviously been building up a while, but the fact that it would actually blossom into a real relationship was predicted by Voy: Before and After. This episode marks the coming true of that prediction.

Remarkable Scenes
- Tuvok's promotion ceremony.
- Torres and Tom finally getting together.
- The doctor enlisting Paris as his new nurse.
- Seven to Kim: "The last time we worked together I struck you at the base of your skull and attempted to contact the Collective." Kim: "These things happen." Seven: "I assure you it will not happen again." Kim: "That's good to know." Seven: "I've designed new navigational sensors. Some of the alphanumerics are Borg." Kim: "No problem. I always wanted to learn Borg!" Seven: "That is difficult to believe." Kim: "I was kidding. It was a joke. You know, humor." Seven: "I understand the concept of humor. It may not be apparent, but I am often amused by Human behavior."
- Kim trying to protect Seven from the electrical conduit, not realizing that her arm can withstand the charge because of Borg implants.
- The isomorph freaking out at Torres.
- Tom insinuating that Harry's attracted to Seven of Nine.
- The isomorph reaching into Torres' chest and squeezing her heart.
- Seven of Nine catching on to Harry's advances and becoming a bit... aggressive.

My Review
A decent, though rather average episode. In fact, the main plot was rather dull. It was pretty obvious from the beginning, especially because of the teaser scene that the isomorph was blatantly evil. So the plot turned into "watch as our unsuspecting heros get crossed trying to help evil hologram." More interestingly, it's the subplots that make the episode nicely watchable. Tuvok was promoted, Tom was enlisted as the doctor's new nurse, Tom and Torres finally started having a real relationship, and they're building a new astrometics array out of Borg technology. This could lead to a faster route home, and/or better sensors and maybe even some new sets aboard ship. I even liked the Harry pursues Seven of Nine subplot. Tom was right, the poor guy just has no luck with women!

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Rob UK on 2015-03-17 at 12:47pm:
    I think Seven offering to explore her sexuality might be the single funniest moment in any Star Trek, poor ensign Kim missed the opportunity of a lifetime and only Gordi la Forge could have squirmed out more efficiently

    Seven "Sexuality is particularly complex, as Borg we had no need for seduction, no time for single celled fertilisation, we saw a species we wanted and we assimilated it, never the less i am willing to explore my humanity. Take off your clothes"

    Harry "S Seven"

    Seven "Don't be alarmed I won't hurt you"

    Gotta love that Borg efficiency, reminded me of those old Sci-fi movies where the explorer lands on the planet Venus and it is solely populated by females and the classic line "Show me more of this Earth thing you call kissing, i wish to understand it better" and other such classic lines that Kirk used to often experience are thrown about
  • From McCoy on 2017-08-16 at 2:14pm:
    I really like this one. Concept of hologram disgusted with biological lifeforms is great. Maybe it could be executed better, but I'm satisfied. This mix of Norman Bates and Adrian Monk is quite convincing.

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