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Star Trek Voy - Season 4 - Episode 06

Star Trek Voy - 4x06 - The Raven

Originally Aired: 1997-10-8

Seven of Nine seeks to rejoin the Collective. [DVD]

My Rating - 6

Fan Rating Average - 3.79

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- The graphics for Seven of Nine's shuttle change from one model to a completely different type a few times in this episode.

- Borg species designation: Talaxian, 218. A relatively low number, indicating that the Borg first encountered Talaxians many thousands of years ago.
- Borg species designation: Vulcan, 3259. The Borg must have first encountered Vulcans in the battle of Wolf 359.
- We see Seven of Nine and her parents in her flashbacks in this episode. They're the same actors as we saw in Voy: Scorpion.

Remarkable Scenes
- Seven of Nine's negative reaction to Janeway's Leonardo Da Vinci program.
- Seven of Nine insisting that being a member of the Borg Collective was not a traumatic experience, that she was in fact raised by the Borg.
- Seven: "You are Talaxian." Neelix: "Guilty as charged." Seven: "Species 218. Your biological and technological distinctiveness was added to our own." Neelix: "I hadn't realized that." Seven: "A small freighter. Containing a crew of thirty nine. Taken in the Dolmine sector. They were easily assimilated. Their dense musculature made them excellent drones."
- Seven of Nine's first eating experience.
- Seven of Nine's Borg shielding starting to work again.
- Seven of Nine walking through the forcefields.
- Seven of Nine destroying the shuttlebay door.
- Chakotay suggesting that Janeway has failed to change the nature of the beast, citing one of her quotes: "I will betray you."
- Seven of Nine's tweaked out shuttle making quick work of the B'omar.
- Tuvok fighting Seven of Nine. She Vulcan neck pinches him!
- Seven: "Vulcan, species 3259. Your enlarged neocortex produces superior analytical abilities."

My Review
A good episode with good sprinklings of continuity. Nice continuity with the previous episode, with Torres poking at Harry for being in love with Seven. And nice continuity regarding Seven's personal logs. Seven of Nine finds Harry's behavior easy to predict. Great connection with previous episodes when Harry lamented about people saying that. Especially when he's in love. ;) Finally, good continuity with regards to Voy: Scorpion. We get to see more of Seven's parents and we get to see the wrecked ship on which she was assimilated. Unfortunately, we don't get her full biographical past. That'll have to wait for another episode.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Jeff on 2009-06-05 at 12:53am:
    I was a little confused by this episode. Obviously, Seven's parents couldn't have gotten this deep into the Delta Quadrant on their own. Did the Borg capture the shuttle in the Alpha Quadrant somewhere and then after getting to the Delta Quadrant using transwarp, drop it off at that planet?
  • From Alec on 2009-08-26 at 4:10am:
    The flight path the B'omar would like Voyager to follow is shown only in two dimensions. One would believe both races would have methods of displaying courses in three dimensions with how much space travel they do.
  • From Vincent on 2011-10-04 at 1:26am:
    Are you sure Seven's shuttle changes? I thought for sure that the second shuttle type was piloted by Tom Paris, and that the differences in the shuttles was for the audience's benefit.
  • From Peter on 2012-04-06 at 9:00pm:
    A good story considering the continuity of 7o9 psychology. Strange enough, the alien race (of the week) was special and had some resilience to Borg assimilation, because they were technologically advanced. How they did that exactly was not explained. Thus, I think some waste of good ideas in the plot. However, 7o9 had to develop herself a bit further. It is a bit annoying that she has to wear this tight suit all the time, which is distracting to much. So to say, she is presented with a body too sexy: her big breasts are nice and very attractive, but honestly, too much for the rest of the story! Otherwise 7o9 has a lot of other potential for serious topics, action, even humour.
  • From L on 2013-12-26 at 9:26pm:
    One hopes the Federation has a version of 'Everybody Poops' so Seven of Nine can be sufficiently informed of the natural consequences of putting a newly-working digestive system into operation.

    They made a big deal out of her being seemingly so mystified by the basics and even needing to be taught how to swallow, no doubt for the cheap 'so this is what it's like to be a human' and 'cuteness' effect, but taken to its logical conclusion, less cute and kind of icky.

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