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Star Trek TNG - Season 1 - Episode 06

Star Trek TNG - 1x06 - Where No One Has Gone Before

Originally Aired: 1987-10-26

The crew is sent a billion light years from their own galaxy. [DVD]

My Rating - 5

Fan Rating Average - 5.18

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- LaForge says "we're passing warp 10!" Sounds like instrument failure to me, since warp 10 is infinite speed on the TNG scale. Data contradicted him seconds later that they were "off the scale." So that works. Thanks Data. But then they shoot themselves in the foot again. Geordi says it would take "over 300 years" to get home. Uh? Geordi? It's gonna take a lot longer than that to cross three galaxies. Sure his statement is technically correct. It will indeed take over 300 years! But still it leaves the viewer with an inaccurate impression of how long it takes to cross galaxies. My estimates place their travel time at a whopping two million years at approximately warp 9. You also have to worry about how they replenish fuel during the travel time BETWEEN the galaxies they travel through. The trip back with conventional warp is for all intents and purposes impossible.
- Also, a subspace message traveling millions of light years in only 50 years also seems too fast. I'll let that one slide though as it's less important and I don't actually know how fast subspace communications actually are.
- At one point in this episode we can hear the warpcore booming very fast, but behind Wesley, we can see the light which is apparently supposed to cause the booms only moving at the regular slow speed.
- When Picard calls Wesley to the bridge at the end of the episode, he appears seconds later, as if he was waiting in the turbolift waiting for the call!

- This episode was nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series.

Remarkable Scenes
- As others have said before me, Kozinsky is so wonderfully obnoxious.
- I like Wesley in this episode. He's confident and useful to the story.
- The humor is well placed in the episode. I especially like the viola scene along with Picard walking out into space from the turbolift. The music, including that viola scene, is great in this episode.

My Review
This episode had a great premise that was ruined and then just barely saved. The problems are numerous but the great moments keep the episode from failing miserably so it balances out for me. My biggest problem with the episode was the continual jumping around all over the universe rather than stopping the madness and realizing that traveling through three galaxies was enough shock value for one episode. Think of all the stuff that Picard could have done exploring that galaxy while his officers and the Traveler prepared for the return trip! That would have made for a far more interesting episode. Nevertheless, despite how wasted this premise was, it was well executed in some ways. I liked Kozinsky's obnoxiousness and I love how after Riker treated Wesley horribly he realized what he had done and apologized honestly. Wesley got the respect he deserved here. So all in all, lots of good stuff, lots of bad stuff, and they sort of meet in the middle.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From DSOmo on 2007-05-27 at 12:27pm:
    After the first test, Data tells Picard that it will take a subspace signal "fifty-one years, ten months, nine weeks, sixteen days .." to get back to the Federaton. Nine weeks and sixteen days? What calendar is Data using? Why not fifty-two years, three weeks, and two days?
  • From Bernard on 2007-12-03 at 4:09pm:
    I like this one, but it could and should have been so much better. The guest characters are excellent too.
  • From CAlexander on 2011-02-17 at 9:23am:
    I thought this episode was fairly successful, especially by first season standards. In many of the early episodes the characters seem unreasonably obtuse just to move the story along, but here their decisions mostly made sense. I liked how everyone knew Kozinsky's equations were nonsense, but since they worked on other ships, they had no choice but to let him try them. I liked how Picard decided to skip the science after the first trip and concentrate on getting back home. That is what I would have done, if I thought I had discovered a new warp formula; the potential military and scientific value of nearly limitless warp speed would far outweigh the value of one more scientific survey. I liked the pacing of how the first trip takes them far, and the second takes them some else totally different, and the way Picard comments on how he could believe the first, but not the second. Riker's dismissal of Wesley seemed rather obtuse, but I like how he admitted his mistake. The main down side: I wasn't that fond of the "super-Wesley" idea when I first saw the episode, and it doesn't seem any better now.
  • From Jason on 2011-07-15 at 2:16pm:
    I agree with Wil Wheaton from his Season One reviews: this is the first episode that is not "a stinker", and it's leagues beyond the five episodes that precede it. That this site ranks it a 5, while Code of Honor gets a 6, means that my tastes and Kethinov's are incompatible. Still, it's fun to read through this site's reviews.

    Excellent quibble by DSOmo, by the way.
  • From Omcn_7 on 2012-01-24 at 11:47pm:

    On first viewing (when I was a kid) this was one of my favorite episodes for the series. I watched it so many times I wore out the tape. :)

    As an adult viewing this episode I remember why I liked it but it doesn't have quite the same appeal. However I give it a 9 because of how much enjoyment I had as a child. I think this is the very episode that made a trek fan out of me for life.

    Watching again I noticed one error. Kozinsky mentions that being out this far they have an excellent chance for scientific discovery, to which Picard replies and we report our findings how and to whom? I am not certain this is consistent with Picard's character. In later episodes it would seem to me that Picard is out there to discover, period, regardless of if he can report it to Starfleet or not. The man is kinda a loner.
  • From Trekkie on 2012-07-07 at 1:06pm:
    One of my favorite TNG episodes.I just wish they could have explored the far away galaxy more.It would have been cool to see all the civilizations that inhabited some of the planets.
  • From dms on 2012-09-22 at 2:00am:
    In my opinion, this is the best episode in the series up to this point. While the Picard turbolift scene was surprising, the scene that really struck me was the one with his mother.

    One of the problems you did not mention was that some of the "hallucinations" are visible to everyone, but others only appear to the person having them.

    Kozinsky I thought was over-the top. A little bit too much of Wesley also. The actor playing the Traveller did a good job though.
  • From SJ on 2013-03-03 at 10:20pm:
    Remarkable 1980's futuristic fashion in this episode:

    Wesley's sweater. Did grandma knit that, or did he swipe it from Bill Cosby? Possibly worse than his infamous rainbow GrrAnimals suit.

    Redshirt ballerina's Jhericurl.

    Redshirt dude's manskirt uniform.

    Factoids: Chief Engineer Argyle was later sent to by the Traveler to the Star Wars universe, where he assumed the name Porkins and tragically died in the battle of the first Death Star.
  • From Oren on 2014-02-02 at 10:18pm:
    One of the most memorable episodes of my younger years. Watching it now that I'm older doesn't have the same impact but as a teenager the mysterious episodes, those with a sense of wonder where some thing go unexplained, were my favorites. Both the Traveler and the far away galaxy ignited my imagination during and after the episode.

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