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Star Trek Voy - Season 7 - Episode 02

Star Trek Voy - 7x02 - Imperfection

Originally Aired: 2000-10-11

Seven suffers a breakdown. [DVD]

My Rating - 8

Fan Rating Average - 4.21

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- Janeway is shot during transport and is not hurt.
- This episode was meant to be set after Voy: Drive, but the air date order was changed.

Remarkable Scenes
- Mezoti, Azan, and Rebi departing.
- Icheb expressing interest in joining Starfleet.
- Tom pointing out that the last time she took the Delta Flyer it ended up being destroyed. :)
- Janeway extracting a cortical node from a dead Borg in a Borg debris field.
- The Delta Flyer battling the alien scavengers.
- The doctor's surgery simulation.
- Seven discussing with Torres afterlife.
- Icheb disconnecting his cortical node himself so as to force the doctor to give it to Seven.
- Seven: "This debate is pointless, I won't accept the node." Icheb: "And I won't keep it." The doctor: "Someone had better use the damn thing! If it stays disconnected much longer it won't do either of you any good."
- The surgery.

My Review
Out of left field, we're shown a wonderful episode. It has all the components necessary for a good Star Trek episode. A contention, namely Seven's illness, putting her in danger. An attempt to save her that doesn't go so well, namely stealing a cortical node from a dead drone. A decent helping of action, namely the aliens who attacked the Delta Flyer at the Borg debris field. And finally a genuine moral issue concerning Icheb's radical solution to Seven's problem. I liked how mature and grown up Icheb has become and how logical his plan is. Most of all, I loved how he forced this plan upon everyone in order to save Seven's life when he realized he would fail to convince anyone. The ends justified his means, and Seven has grown much closer to Icheb as a result. Maybe our Borg action thriller that was last episode wasn't so great, but the drama in this episode is top notch.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Tony on 2008-09-04 at 7:03pm:
    A brilliant episode except for one thing: I'd like to either have the aliens in the debris field play a larger part in the story, or have them removed entirely. As is, they seem rather random, almost like the writer(s) said, "Hey, we need some action to fill this part, let's add some hostile aliens." Provided, it would seem odd not including and implant stealing scene, and it would be a dull suene if they just took the implant and left, but I feel that they could have done better. Otherwise a great episode.
  • From McCoy on 2017-10-29 at 3:48am:
    I think my ocular implant was malfunctioning while watching this. 10/10.

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