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Star Trek Voy - Season 7 - Episode 14

Star Trek Voy - 7x14 - Prophecy

Originally Aired: 2001-2-7

Torres' unborn child may be a Klingon "Savior." [DVD]

My Rating - 7

Fan Rating Average - 6.21

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Remarkable Scenes
- The battle with the Klingons.
- the Klingons blowing up their own ship.
- Neelix and Tuvok becoming bunk mates.
- Neelix: "Good! Because I promise you we're going to have fun, Mr. Vulcan. I learned some Klingon drinking songs."
- Torres meeting with the Klingons.
- Kohlar: "Where are the images of Kahless? Where is your family crest?" Torres: "They clashed with the carpet."
- The doctor authorizing Kim to have sexual relations with the Klingon females. Nice connection with Voy: The Disease ;)
- Tom accepting the Klingon challenge.
- Neelix taking Harry's woman. ;)
- The fight on the bridge.
- The aftermath of Neelix' relationship with the Klingon woman in Tuvok's quarters.

My Review
A smart episode. The timing is right, Voyager is over half way home, close enough to encounter a Klingon generational ship. I am just disappointed that they are eliminated at the end of this episode. They're guided to a new home and never seen again. This episode suffers from the same problem that Equinox did in this respect. It would have been nice to keep the Equinox and her crew around. Likewise it would have been nice to keep the Klingon ship and her crew around. The episode bears nice continuity with Voy: Lineage, just two episodes ago. I'm glad the writers found a way to do something with Torres' pregnancy beyond the initial episode. Overall, I thought this episode ended up being much better than and not as silly as it could have been. Sure, it does seem the writers are pouring too much alpha quadrant into the writing lately, but they're being very careful about it.

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