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Star Trek Ent - Season 2 - Episode 26

Star Trek Ent - 2x26 - The Expanse

Originally Aired: 2003-5-21

When a probe from an unknown alien source unleashes a devastating assault upon Earth, Enterprise is recalled, then sent to search for the perpetrators. [DVD]

My Rating - 4

Fan Rating Average - 6.15

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- The date in the last episode was given to be March 21st and the date given in this episode when they reach Earth is April 24th. The idea that Enterprise could have traveled 150 light years in one month is rather ridiculous. Maybe their exploration was in a spiral pattern?
- How stupid could the Xindi possibly be? Gee, let's test our prototype on Earth directly, so they have a chance to exact a retaliatory mission against us before the final version of the weapon is completed!

- Photon torpedoes were first used on a starship in this episode.

Remarkable Scenes
- The probe cutting a swath through Florida.
- Archer speaking with Future Guy.
- Earth ships coming to Archer's rescue when Duras attacked. Nice to see there are other Earth ships.
- The Vulcan "doctor" questioning Archer.
- Trip and Reed examining the damage first hand.
- Reed: "Photonic torpedoes. Their range is over fifty times greater than our conventional torpedoes. And they have a variable yield. They can knock the comm array off a shuttle pod without scratching the hull, or they can put a three kilometer crater into an asteroid."
- Archer and Trip discussing T'Pol and their mission.
- Duras: "Surrender, or be destroyed!" Archer: "Go to hell!"
- Enterprise destroying Duras' ship.

My Review
Hoo boy. Now here's an episode to get the opinions flaring. The obvious question was as to why the Klingons or the Romulans weren't the ones who attacked Earth. Duras and his crusade against Archer seemed to play little importance in this episode, as if the writers wanted to wrap up that whole Klingon thing so they could focus on this "expanse" storyline. It would seem that the writers were more interested in following in the tradition of Ent: Shockwave and Ent: Broken Bow by making this season finale further complicate the Temporal Cold War. Now Archer is taking orders (in a sense) from Future Guy! It would seem that the writers would much rather take Enterprise in a "bold new direction" than stay true to the prequel they created. Two seasons have gone by and we've seen only one episode dealing with the Romulans and only a smattering of episodes dealing with the Klingons. No war has been declared and it doesn't look like much more time is going to be spent on the Klingons at all, much less the Romulans. This is depressing to say the least. Maybe the Xindi will be interesting and maybe the Temporal Cold War will stop sucking, but I'm getting the feeling that this new arc they're developing is nothing but filler.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From fan ive on 2009-12-25 at 9:58pm:
    about your second problem. after testing that weapon on earth humans didn't know to who to retaliate and the xindi were probably well aware of that. so if it isn't to that future guy humans wouldn't know who attacked them.
  • From Rick on 2013-12-10 at 2:12pm:
    on your first problem: travis said in "horizon" they travelled 150 light years. I think he literally meant that is their total distance travelled, not how far from earth they are. I think this is pretty obvious that they are not traveling in a straight line away from earth and they have turned around many times. Think about it, they just met up with the horizon five episodes ago and that ship can only go 1.8. So they are not that far from earth when they received the message

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