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Star Trek Ent - Season 3 - Episode 20

Star Trek Ent - 3x20 - The Forgotten

Originally Aired: 2004-4-28

Two high-ranking Xindi offer to stop the launch of their superweapon if Archer can prove they've been manipulated. Meanwhile, the crew mourns their lost mates. [DVD]

My Rating - 6

Fan Rating Average - 5.06

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- The engineer Trip complains to in this episode about microfractures was played by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy.
- Trip claims that it's take at least a thousand starships like Enterprise could blow up an entire planet. This may be a reference to Star Wars Episode IV, in which is a similar line was used to compare the capabilities of the Death Star.

Remarkable Scenes
- Archer meeting with Degra and Jannar.
- Trip laying into Degra.
- Trip and Reed repairing the plasma fire.
- Degra destroying the reptilian ship.

My Review
Another slightly above average episode. Less exciting than Ent: Damage, but a little better thought out. The meeting between Archer and the Xindi was well handled, and used well the continuity of the previous episodes. But this is Trip's show. All of his scenes, everything from his difficulty writing the letter, to his confession to T'Pol, to his mouthing off at Degra was great. Some of the finest acting I've seen for his character in quite some time. The plasma fire was also a nicely interesting diversion that couldn't have been done before the ship was damaged so, finally I really like how the ship seems to remain in perma-damaged mode. I'm glad we get to see the realistic effects of such a brutal attack. A closing remark, Degra says that a hostile species preys on ships attempting to use the shortcut he gave Archer to reach the Xindi council chamber... gee... isn't that some rather obvious foreshadowing?

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