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Star Trek Ent - Season 4 - Episode 04

Star Trek Ent - 4x04 - Borderland

Originally Aired: 2004-10-29

When genetic supermen left over from the Eugenics Wars hijack a Klingon ship, Archer must rely on their creator, the criminal Dr. Arik Soong, to help hunt them down. [DVD]

My Rating - 7

Fan Rating Average - 5.62

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- Why doesn't Commander T'Pol get a Starfleet uniform? Oh I know why, because she looks sexier with less clothing. (Sigh.)

- J. G. Hertzler plays the Klingon captain who dies in the teaser. He's played two other Klingons. Archer's lawyer in Ent: Judgement and Martok on DS9.
- Brent Spiner who plays Arik Soong in this episode played Data on TNG. This is actually a nice homage, because Spiner is playing his own ancestor in a way, for Arik Soong is the ancestor of the man who created Data.
- Henry Archer died very painfully from Clarke's disease, but genetic engineering could have cured him.
- Archer's new chair was actually rescued from a deleted scene from Star Trek X: Nemesis.

Remarkable Scenes
- The augments attacking the Klingon bird of prey.
- Archer meeting with Arik Soong.
- "Jonathan Archer. What brings you here? They naming the prison after you?"
- Enterprise's relaunch.
- The Orions attacking Enterprise.
- T'Pol being auctioned off at the slave market.
- An Orion female being auctioned off at the slave market. The first time we've seen one since TOS: The Cage!
- Archer and Soong invading the Orion slave market freeing all the slaves.
- Soong using the (Klingon?) painstick to disable the transponder that Enterprise was using to track him.
- Archer's clever recapture of Soong.
- The augments saving Enterprise from the Orions.

My Review
I am still annoyed that Enterprise is ignoring its loose threads, such as the Xindi, the Temporal Cold War, Earth's response to the Xindi crisis, and Earth's xenophobia, but I think we can safely assume some things. The Xindi are probably reorganizing their government and probably looking for a new homeworld. Now that their guardians are gone, they probably don't want to attack Earth anymore. Still, it would have been nice to get a post Xindi-arc Xindi cameo to canonize the armistice. We can also safely assume that the Temporal Cold War is over and we'll never see more of it. Can't say that bothers me very much other than the fact that it made very little sense. We can only hope that these loose threads are tied up later. But for now, Enterprise has finally become relevant. What we were shown here in Ent: Borderland is the first real material convincing me of the reasons for a long term conflict with the Klingons. From their perspective, a group of humans stole a Klingon bird of prey and that's all the reason they need to go to war with Earth. There's also quite a bit of foreshadowing in this episode indicating that that may very well happen. Using the augments for this purpose was an extremely clever idea and getting Brent Spiner to play his own ancestor was an equally terrific move. The main plot is a wonderful connection to both TOS and TNG; what marvelously clever writing. I think here Manny Coto is finally flexing his showrunning muscles, as Ent: Borderland was a great way to start a story arc with the augments and the Klingons whilst giving us some fascinating insight into the much speculated about Orion syndicate at the same time. Nicely done.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From fan ive on 2009-12-30 at 12:07pm:
    i find T'Pol much more sweeter and sexier in starfleet uniform than in those fancy dresses
  • From Pete on 2011-01-11 at 9:57pm:
    I am fine with an abrupt end to both the Temporal Cold War and the Xindi arc. Both were wastes of time. A line of dialog would suffice for both of them.

    Archer: "oh yeah, aren't you glad the Temporal Cold War is over?"

    Tripp: "Yes. By the way, did you hear that the Xindi's sun randomly went supernova and wiped out all traces of them?"

    Archer: "yes I heard that--I also heard that our government is going to criminalize mentioning the Xindi ever again starting tomorrow."
  • From Tallifer on 2011-05-21 at 8:46am:
    This series of episodes is such a waste of time: we already explored every facet of the Eugenics War in the old series and in Wrath of Khan. And Brent Spiner makes a better android.

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