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BSG TOS 1980 - Season 1 - Episode 08

My Rating - 2

Fan Rating Average - 2.2

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The Cylon android attempts to take over a radio station so he can send a message to his Base Star. Troy and Dillon chase after him, hoping to stop him before the Cylon Empire finds out about Earth. [DVD]

- So why did the colonials never discover that microwaves have a deleterious effect on Centurions during the Cylon wars?

- The humanoid Cylons seem to have a telepathic power, as Andromus was able to convince the Taxi driver that he had already paid, Jedi Mind Trick style. One wonders what the limit of this power is.

Remarkable Scenes
- The Cylons at the Haloween party.
- The Centurion collapsing from the radiation emitted by the microwave.
- The people from the party mimicking the Centurion: "Voom... voom... voom..." Hilarious.
- The damaged Centurion picking up his injured comrade and walking off the roof of the building with him, falling into the dumpster.

My Review
The farce ends with as much silliness as the first part. Again, strangely, the humor at the Halloween party among other places is strangely effective, making this episode like the previous one at least somewhat entertaining, in a "don't take it too seriously" kind of way. Beyond those merits, there is very little to redeem this episode. Yet another blundering incident on Earth is barely cleaned up by Troy and Dillon. Yet again the Earthlings remain barely oblivious to the actual events taking place. And what's the deal with that UFO disclaimer at the end of the episode? Do the writers really believe that after watching Galactica 1980 that people were really going to start fearing the prospect of UFO invasions?

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