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BSG - Season 2 - Episode 12

BSG - 2x12 - Resurrection Ship, Part 2 - Originally Aired: 2006-1-13

My Rating - 10

Fan Rating Average - 4.39

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The battlestars Pegasus and Galactica go head-to-head with Cylon baseships in a battle that will change the face of the war. But for Lt. Kara Thrace, the real war is with her conscience, as she steels herself to carry out Commander Adama's order to assassinate Admiral Cain.

When Lee Adama hears from Kara of the order, he confronts his father and challenges the morality and the legality of the order, but Commander Adama remains resolute. For the good of the fleet, he tells his son, Admiral Cain must be eliminated.

Meanwhile, in the Pegasus brig, Pegasus crewmembers brutally assault Galactica prisoners Chief Galen Tyrol and Lt. Karl Agathon, as revenge for the murder of one of their officers. Only a timely intervention by the Pegasus's XO halts the beating before it becomes fatal.

As the battle to destroy the Cylons' "Resurrection Ship" intensifies, members of both battlestars' crews are forced to decide how much of their humanity they are willing to sacrifice in order to survive. Ultimately, the fight that begins with heroic self-sacrifice ends in a white-knuckle test of two Commanders' courage, and their character. [Blu-ray] [DVD]

- How did Baltar get Gina off the Pegasus?

- This episode received a VES Award for Outstanding Models and Miniatures in a Broadcast Program.
- This episode received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For a Series.
- This episode received a VES nomination for Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program, Commercial or Music Video.
- Survivors, according to the main title: 49604.
- The scene in which the sunshine boys beat Helo and Tyrol with bars of soap wrapped into a towel is a reference to the film Full Metal Jacket.
- Apollo was demoted to lieutenant by Cain.
- Gina knew the exact moment that the resurrection ship had been destroyed.
- Destroyed Cylon capital ships, running total: 3 confirmed, 1 probable. (+2 confirmed, +1 probable)

Remarkable Scenes
- Fisk laying into the upset Pegasus crew members for their assault on Helo and Tyrol.
- Fisk: "You can't rape a machine, lieutenant."
- Cain: "You drink Thrace?" Starbuck: "Only to excess, sir." Cain: "Learn that from Colonel Tigh did you?"
- Cain's heart to heart with Starbuck.
- Apollo: "Assassination? That's your decision? That's how you resolve your differences with your superior officers?"
- Adama regarding Roslin being in on the assassination plan: "She's made of sterner stuff than people give her credit for."
- Fisk to Starbuck: "Good hunting, captain." Starbuck: "You too, colonel."
- Tigh: "The last thing we need is the colonials shooting at each other." Fisk: "Amen to that."
- Adama meeting with Boomer to find out why the Cylons hate humanity so much.
- The beginning of the battle with the spectacular footage of Galactica firing heavily on a Cylon basestar.
- Apollo sneaking up on the resurrection ship with the Blackbird, taking out its jump drive.
- The Blackbird colliding with a downed raptor, being destroyed and Apollo ejecting.
- The vipers being launched against the resurrection ship. I love how you can see a pylon break off of one of the Cylon Basestars in this shot.
- Apollo watching the battle whilst floating in space, losing air.
- The shot of Galactica and Pegasus going all out on the Cylon basestars, complete with another pylon breaking off.
- Six: "Tens of thousands of Cylons are about to die. Tens of thousands, Gaius, god will not forgive this sin!" Baltar to Gina: "Do you think god will forgive us?" Gina: "God forgives all."
- Baltar telling Gina the sports story Six told him in the prior episode. There's something twisted and beautiful about this scene.
- The shot of Pegasus and Galactica destroying one of the basestars.
- The destruction of the resurrection ship.
- Starbuck walking into the Pegasus CIC in a cold sweat.
- Adama and Cain both backing out of their assassination plans.
- Tigh to Fisk: "You look like you could use a drink." I love the crazy laugh Fisk lets off after that.
- Gina: "Suicide is a sin. But I need to die!" Baltar: "What you need is justice. I know a place where you can stay. Where you will be safe. Where I can look after you." Gina: "Why, why would you do that?" Baltar: "Because I love you." I also love the music here (dubbed Gina Escapes on the soundtrack) in this scene when Gina leaves Baltar to go kill Cain.
- Gina killing Admiral Cain. Cain's last words: "Frak you." I love the way she gasped, and was almost teary-eyed just before she met her end.
- Cain's funeral.
- Roslin promoting Adama to admiral.

My Review
Resurrection Ship, Part 2 is the most visually spectacular episode so far, beating even The Hand of God and the miniseries. I think it goes without saying that the space battle in this episode was the most amazing space battle ever shown on TV. Aside from raving about how awesome it was of course, it also establishes something important about the capabilities of colonial and Cylon technology. It would seem that colonial battlestars are vastly superior to Cylon basestars in direct combat, when there are few, or no vipers and raiders involved because the Cylon basestars' primary strategy appears to involve missiles and raiders; they lack the heavy gun batteries that battlestars have. As a result, Galactica and Pegasus mopped up those two Cylon basestars with ease which was most impressive to watch. This episode goes a long way toward explaining why the Cylons had to rely on sabotage to carry out their attack on the colonies successfully.

Much of this episode was all about Lee Adama, who's having a hard time dealing with his demotion and then makes a critical mistake during the attack. I thought it was great that he was looking behind him, watching the damage he did to the resurrection ship, not watching where he was going, then he accidentally collides with a downed raptor. This scene is sort of symbolic of Apollo's character in general. He's always looking back into the past instead of paying attention to what's going on right now.

As a result of not being able to back up Kara when he said he would, he gets downright suicidal, which I have mixed feelings about. I thought Apollo's suicidal behavior came out of nowhere and was slightly over the top. This isn't necessarily unrealistic; sometimes people become suicidal for pretty shoddy reasons. But more substantiation in the episode would have been appreciated. Another thing I didn't like about the episode was the "48 hours earlier" opening scene. Disjointed storytelling is a pet peeve of mine, especially when it's done for no particularly good reason. These weaknesses are not severe, however.

Special mention goes to Baltar's scenes with Gina, particularly the one when Six says: "Tens of thousands of Cylons are about to die. Tens of thousands, Gaius, god will not forgive this sin!" Baltar then asks Gina: "Do you think god will forgive us?" Gina responds: "God forgives all." Then Baltar proceeds to tell Gina the story Six told him in the prior episode. There's something twisted about this scene. Baltar knew that Gina would find the story beautiful, because her counterpart in his head thought it was beautiful. So he's cruelly stealing from one version of her; using her in an attempt to reach out and bond with another version of her. I love how Six disappears in the cut when Baltar finishes telling the story.

Another great detail about the episode is how both Adama and Cain back out of their assassination plans. This, to me, is wonderful, because when Cain meets her end at the end of the episode, you really feel something for her. She's not a heartless evil villain, she's just a little megalomaniacal. There's humanity in Cain and she is capable of mercy. I get the impression that after the battle of the resurrection ship, Cain was going to be true to Roslin's request that they meet on Colonial One and resolve the issue of Tyrol and Helo and that she'd start to lighten up a bit. Because now, she's gotten to know Adama in a special way. They've served in combat together. They've shared a "significant victory" together. That can really change your perspective on a person. But Cain's change of heart is too little, too late, however, for her sins in allowing Gina to be raped and tortured caught up with her.

And true to Cain's personality, she goes out defiant. A soldier. And in the end, not only do you feel sorry for Cain, but you realize that Cain was successful in everything she set out to do. Her ship and her crew are safe and she accomplished her mission destroying the Cylon fleet she'd been tracking. It's a shame Cain couldn't have been made a permanent character in the series, but at the same time I kind of understand it. It would have changed the dynamics of the show too much to have Adama and Galactica taking orders from Cain all the time. It's hard to justify the title "Battlestar Galactica" when the flagship is the Pegasus. ;)

Which brings us to the next subject of course and that being the permanence of the Pegasus. All too often in science fiction, a new ship is introduced to the show for one episode, or a just a few episodes, then it meets its end at the end of the episode. Not this time. RDM sternly wanted to avoid this cliche and I am wholly grateful for that. Because it sucked when BSG 1978 got rid of the Pegasus and it sucked when Star Trek Voyager got rid of the Equinox. And there are numerous other examples of this cliche. It also adds a fascinating new dynamic to the show. Exploring the trauma that the crew of the Pegasus has gone through will be fascinating, and exploring how Admiral Adama manages to command two battlestars will also be fascinating.

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  • From Dave on 2016-01-21 at 12:17am:
    You are pretty kind regarding Cain - I was less sympathetic. But then again I think that Adama (up to this point in the series) isn't too likable either.

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