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Farscape - Season 3 - Episode 15

My Rating - 10

Fan Rating Average - 6.45

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After disposing of the Scorpius Clone, the Ancient 'Jack' unlocks the secrets to wormhole technology in Crichton's mind allowing them to build a Displacement Engine, the 'ultimate weapon' that will allow them to destroy the Scarran Dreadnought before it escapes with Furlow's data. Seeing the value of the weapon, Furlow kills Jack and takes off with it. In the ensuing chase, Crichton is fatally exposed to the highly reactive Partanium that fuels the engine. With nothing left to lose, Crichton volunteers to launch the weapon at the Dreadnought, experiencing first hand the terrifying power of the wormhole technology. [DVD]

Filler Quotient: 0, not filler, do not skip this episode.
- Numerous major long term plot threads are serviced here.



Remarkable Scenes
- Harvey fading away shortly after Aeryn tried to kill John to kill Harvey.
- A Scarran boarding Talyn.
- Aeryn rescuing Rygel only to have Rygel demand food so he can keep firing the turret.
- Jack declaring that he no longer doubts that John would use the wormhole technology honorably.
- Furlow turning on Jack.
- John: "I can build this thing. I know what it does!" Aeryn: "Can it destroy the dreadnought?" John: "Umm... it could destroy a planet."
- Furlow betraying John, stealing the weapon, and running off with it.
- Aeryn: "You know this new knowledge you've got in your head?" John: "Yeah?" Aeryn: "Could you use it to get home?" John: "Yeah." Aeryn: "Let's do what we have to do here and then we'll go."
- Talyn paralyzing and killing the Scarran.
- Furlow: "Don't be a hero, John. Always be the one to walk away while the hero dies. That's my motto."
- John: "Damn it Crais, knock it off. You're gonna make me start liking you."
- John: "Mamma Crichton's baby boy, makin' wormholes."
- John using the wormhole weapon to destroy the dreadnought.
- John's last words: "They say it's a lucky or an unambitious man who goes when he's ready. That said, Scorpius is gone. I'm at peace. I don't hurt. I did some good things. I'm proud of my life. And I'm with you. Don't worry about me. I've never felt better."

My Review
John's heroic death saving everyone (especially Aeryn) from the Scarrans couldn't have been more fitting. Just as the man finally masters wormholes and earns the ability to go home, he has to use the knowledge instead in a noble sacrifice, forever denied his prize and his life. A true tragedy. A nice bit of texture I enjoyed was that while Aeryn struggled with the idea, she was willing to let John sacrifice himself for the greater good more than once in this episode. She was willing to euthanize him rather than let Harvey take permanent control and she was willing to let him die in a noble sacrifice against the Scarrans.

Indeed, it's Aeryn's perspective that makes this episode as strong a piece as it is. The final scenes of the episode are some of the most moving so far watching Aeryn confront the loss of her lover, something which occurs not long after she confronted the loss of her mother. Obviously there's still the John on Moya out there, but the things Aeryn's shared with this John are now significantly more pronounced than the history she's had with the other John leading up to the divergence. Only awkwardness can ensue when the two are reunited. Another curiosity left over from this story is how much wormhole knowledge will survive John's death. Will Talyn's and/or Moya's crew be able to leverage this knowledge in the future, and if so to what do degree?

I think it's safe to say watching John destroy the dreadnought may be the single coolest scene ever depicted on Farscape so far. Aside from the outstanding visual effects it's a fascinating concept. The wormhole weapon appears to suck stellar matter from a star and then slam into a target disintegrating and imploding it with apparently enough force to implode a planet. A weapon of mass destruction so massive that it's on a cosmic scale. My oh my. This is the best episode of Farscape so far. Awesome science fiction and compelling drama. This episode's got it all.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Ben on 2010-07-06 at 4:08pm:
    Fantastic episode. It was kind of obvious from the start that one of the Johns would get killed, but it could not have been pulled off more powerfully than it was here.
  • From Margaret J on 2019-07-16 at 11:34pm:
    I was surprised and disappointed that the Ancient was killed so easily. He knew she had the gun and would shoot and he just turned his back to Furlow and let her.
    Maybe I missed something butI did not comprehend at the time that John's turning the device off resulted in a lethal dose of radiation until he told Aeryn so I am glad that the two scenes were side by side. Also I found it strange that either Ben Bowder, the script or the director chose to have John avoid looking at Aeryn during his death scene and it made the whole thing feel off a little.
    Besides the afore mentioned issues I lked the conclusion and thought it well done in acting and in the cinematography.On a side note I especially liked how Crias or I should say Crais and Talon killed the Scarran. I rated this nine (9) the same as the first part

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