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Farscape - Season 4 - Episode 06

Farscape - 4x06 - Natural Election - Originally Aired: 2002-7-19

My Rating - 6

Fan Rating Average - 4.81

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# Votes: 18 13 7 20 5 2 10 5 6 33 3

Crichton correctly predicts a wormhole's appearance near Moya, but simultaneously a giant space plant captures the Leviathan. An attack with D'Argo's ship only succeeds in sending the plant into Moya's conduits, making it even more difficult to kill. Eventually, an agent is found that will repel the plant, but it only exists in Scorpius' cooling rods. In order to save Moya, Crichton will have to place trust in his arch nemesis. [DVD]

Filler Quotient: 0, not filler, do not skip this episode.
- Numerous major long term plot threads are serviced here.


- The votes tallied for captain: Rygel voted for himself. Noranti voted for "the divine eternal." Sikozu voted for Scorpius. Someone voted for Aeryn, my guess is probably D'Argo. That leaves John, Aeryn, Chiana, and Pilot casting the winning four votes for D'Argo.
- Sebacean females can retain an embryonic fetus for up to seven cycles without it growing further. Only a surgeon can release the stasis to allow the baby to grow.

Remarkable Scenes
- Moya's crew rotating the role of captain every couple hours.
- John correctly predicting a wormhole.
- Aeryn to Chiana regarding John's knowledge of her baby: "What he doesn't know is that it may not be his." And she wasn't talking about the other John, either!
- D'Argo: "I love shooting things."
- Noranti: "I know lots of poisons." Sikozu: "Yes. I'm sure you do."
- Scorpius' cooling rods repelling the plant.
- D'Argo revealing Aeryn's secret to John.
- D'Argo's response to Rygel beating himself up for being in command while Moya was attacked by the plant: "There are so many other reasons why you should hate yourself at the moment."
- The fan room exploding.
- John: "Does it hurt?" Aeryn: "Mmm-hmm." John: "Where?" Aeryn: "Where it's bleeding."
- Scorpius breaking free of his restraints and saving the day.
- Chiana's near miss with the fans.
- D'Argo getting elected captain.
- Aeryn revealing the nature of her pregnancy to John.

My Review
Space plant monster of the week juxtaposed with some real progress being made in the John and Aeryn relationship plot. The space plant monster was certainly annoying and not necessary, but the plot advancement concerning the relationship makes up for it quite well along with a few other nice details such as John demonstrating an ability to correctly predict wormhole appearances and the crew electing D'Argo as captain.

One of my favorite details of this episode is Aeryn noting that she no longer sees any distinction between the two Johns from season 3. This means the principal issue of the season 3 finale for her has been overcome. Now they just need to get over their trust issues brought on by this withheld pregnancy along with, of course, determine who the father is. Sadly though there is little depth beyond this to explore as the space plant monster dominated most of the story. As such, this episode only works out to being slightly above average.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Roger on 2011-10-09 at 9:10am:
    You really think D'Argo voted Aeryn for captain just after Aeryn revealed she had taken the liberty to give Scorpius asylum on Moya and had promised him the others wouldn't harm him, and expected to uphold to the promise she made on their behalf?
    D'Argo and Aeryn most likely voted for themselves.
  • From DK on 2012-08-08 at 1:58am:
    Ka Dargo is no where near as angry as he used to be.  He's practically a team player now.   Wish they would have fixed him long ago.  That would have saved me a few headaches from gritting my teeth whenever he was yelling illogically, and babbling intelligibly in all those episodes.
  • From Roger 2 on 2015-10-28 at 5:31pm:
    I think Pilot voted for Aeryn due to the historical bond between Moya and Aeryn. This means as much as I hate to say it, D'Argo voted for himself.
  • From Margaret J on 2019-07-29 at 7:42pm:
    I agree that the Moya space plant plot was just sort of there and in many ways felt like it just got in the way of the other more interesting plots (the captain picking and Aeryn/John relationship)
    I loved the character moments in this one. Aeryn telling Chianna her secret, Chianna telling Dargo, Dargo telling John. And Chianna's reaction when Aeryn tells her to just forget she ever told her was too funny. It is a little disappointing that John did not see Aeryn's reasons for not telling him about the pregnancy as valid and decide to just go forward together but I understand the writers POV it creates drama and continued angst - just kinda wish they had come up with a different way to generate it. To me this one rates an easy eight (8)

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