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BSG TOS 1978 - Season 1 - Episode 12

BSG TOS 1978 - 1x12 - The Living Legend, Part 1 - Originally Aired: 1978-11-26

My Rating - 9

Fan Rating Average - 6.28

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Adama engages in a fierce conflict with the hot-blooded Commander Cain of the Battlestar Pegasus, long assumed destroyed. Adama's cautious leadership falls into doubt in comparison to Cain's more confrontational style. [DVD]

- Adama orders a dead stop to conserve the fleet's fuel... but in order to achieve a dead stop, you have to USE fuel. Why not just continue forward by drifting? Drifting doesn't use fuel...

- Cain supposedly perished with the 5th fleet two yahrens ago.

Remarkable Scenes
- The colonials shooting at each other.
- The first sight of the Battlestar Pegasus.
- Cain and Adama arguing over whether or not to strike back against the Cylons and open a new offensive.
- The attack on the Cylon tankers.
- Cain sabotaging the mission by destroying the Cylon tankers.
- Adama relieving Cain and placing Tigh in command of the Pegasus.
- The Cylon attack and ensuing battle.
- The Pegasus joining the battle.

My Review
This is easily the best episode of BSG 1978. The implications of the survival of another Battlestar are milked for all they're worth here.

Cain wants to go on a new offensive, but Adama wants to play it safe. This eventually leads to Cain turning insubordinate, forcing Adama to relieve him of his command. Throughout the episode, you want to side with Cain. Or at least I wanted to. I wanted to see The Galactica and Pegasus conquer Gamoray and solve their supply problem. But just when you start to hate Adama for relieving Cain, three Cylon Basestars attack. Adama was right.

Baltar finally gets some real action here. It seems his long term strategy was to wait for the RTF's resources to run dry so he could attack in full force. But just when Baltar's victory is so close that he can taste it, the Pegasus shows up in his fighter cockpit window leaving us with the best cliffhanger ever done on BSG 1978.

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