KethiLastFm - a plug and play class for your website written in PHP

KethiLastFm is a PHP class designed to allow you easy access to's user profile API for use on your website. Just download my PHP class, include it into your existing website, supply your username, and call the draw_latest_ten_tracks() method. Apply any optional CSS to the markup that you'd like, then you're done!


Example code

require_once('inc/');    // include kethilastfm
$kethilastfm = new kethilastfm('kethinov'); // instantiate it with your username
$kethilastfm->draw_latest_ten_tracks();     // show last ten tracks you listened to

Sample CSS (optional)

.kethilastfm li strong {font-weight:normal;}
.kethilastfm li em {float:right;font-style:normal;color:#909090;}
.kethilastfm li span {display:none;}

Live demo: the last ten tracks I've listened to

Unable to retrieve track data


Creative Commons License KethiLastFm is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. You are permitted to redistribute and/or modify this work for commercial or noncommercial purposes provided proper attribution to the original author (me) is present in the redistribution.