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This page charts the master statistics of all my Star Trek reviews.

What can be derived from these statistics?

Some observations of interest:

So what can be concluded from those observations?

While this is better discussed in the detailed series analyses for DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise, simply stated Star Trek continued to improve until DS9 ended, with the Dominion War period being the best two years of Star Trek. The quality dropped slightly after DS9 ended and Voyager was the only show, then the quality dropped sharply when Enterprise took the helm. Enterprise's distinct and prolonged drop in quality effectively killed Star Trek; unfortunately the vast increase in episode quality Enterprise accomplished in its fourth season was too little, too late.

Fan statistics

Top three fan commentators

The following is a list of the top three contributors of fan reviews of Star Trek episodes to my website.

Season by season ratings statistics...

SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
TOS season 14.4330133
TOS season 24.4226115
TOS season 34.6724112
TOS as a whole4.580360
TOS films6.17637
TOS & TOS films4.6286397
SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
TAS season 141664
TAS season 23618
TAS as a whole3.732282
TOS & TAS4.33102442
TOS, TOS films, & TAS4.44108479
SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
TNG season 14.8126125
TNG season 25.0522111
TNG season 35.8826153
TNG season 45.6926148
TNG season 55.2326136
TNG season 66.1526160
TNG season 7526130
TNG as a whole5.41178963
TNG films8.43759
TNG & TNG films5.521851022
SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
DS9 season 14.82096
DS9 season 25.2726137
DS9 season 35.9626155
DS9 season 46.2326162
DS9 season 56.4626168
DS9 season 66.7726176
DS9 season 76.6926174
DS9 as a whole6.071761068
SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
Voy season 15.061681
Voy season 25.1926135
Voy season 35.5426144
Voy season 45.6226146
Voy season 5626156
Voy season 65.7326149
Voy season 76.0426157
Voy as a whole5.63172968
SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
Ent season 14.9226128
Ent season 24.7726124
Ent season 35.6324135
Ent season 46.4522142
Ent as a whole5.498529
SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
Dis season 14.81572
Dis season 23.262375
Dis as a whole3.8738147
SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
Pic as a whole5.641162
SeriesAverage Rating# of EpisodesPoints
All series5.397754179
TOS films & TNG films7.41074
Kelvinverse films7.33322
All films7.381396
All series & films5.437884275