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Star Trek TAS - Season 2 - Episode 01

Star Trek TAS - 2x01 - The Pirates of Orion

Originally Aired: 1974-9-7

A dreaded disease, choriocytosis, strikes the Enterprise. All except Spock are cured, as the illness is fatal only to Vulcans. [Blu-ray] [DVD]

My Rating - 4

Fan Rating Average - 4.98

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- McCoy calls Spock to sickbay on the intercom, then two cuts later is seen standing next to Kirk!
- Orion is mispronounced in this episode. I can forgive Arex, but none of the others.

- This is the first episode to show us an Orion male.

Remarkable Scenes
- The SS Huron. Cool looking ship.
- McCoy and Spock arguing about whether or not green Vulcan blood is better than red human blood.

My Review
This episode creates good continuity with regards to the reference to Spock's blood being copper based. It's also nice to see the Orions for the first time; or at least their men. We've seen Orion slave girls before. It was also a remarkable treat to see another Federation starship, as well as all the effort the crews of both went through to cure Spock. It's a nice demonstration of the respect the Federation holds for their nonhuman members.

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