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Star Trek Voy - Season 1 - Episode 03

Star Trek Voy - 1x03 - Parallax

Originally Aired: 1995-1-23

Tensions rise between the merged Starfleet and Maquis crews. [DVD]

My Rating - 5

Fan Rating Average - 4.62

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- The science regarding the black hole in this episode is a bit absurd. An event horizon is not some kind of barrier around a black hole. It is the dividing line drawn around the black hole at the point where the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. Well, warp drive lets ships very easily exceed the speed of light. So the event horizon of a black hole is a completely worthless designation in Star Trek as a ship could easily escape its grasp.

- Tom calls Voyager "the Voyager" in this episode. This is a trend that will soon disappear. I guess people just got tired of hearing "The shipname." "The Voyager" becomes "Voyager". And eventually, "the Enterprise" becomes just "Enterprise."

Remarkable Scenes
- The first scene, with Carey bemoaning about Torres having broken his nose.
- Torres throwing something at Chakotay as he enters.
- Chakotay and Torres arguing.
- Janeway's reaction to Chakotay suggesting Torres as the new Chief Engineer.
- Neelix referring to the doctor as an "electronic man", enunciating as he speaks it.
- The captain designating Tom a field medic, much to his displeasure.
- Chakotay arguing with Janeway about the Maquis.
- The doctor bemoaning about his new job.
- Kes' first scene with the doctor.
- The shrinking doctor calling Janeway.
- Tuvok: "I will never cease to be amazed by the human capacity for hyperbole."
- The doctor's grudging report.
- Janeway and Torres finally beginning to hit it off and Carey making an ass of himself at the briefing.
- Tom: "Wait a minute, wait, wait a minute. Let me get this straight. We were cruising along at warp seven, then we pick up a distress call and moved in to investigate. But now, you're saying that the other ship is just a reflection of us and that the distress call is actually just the captain's opening hail. But we picked up the distress call before she sent the hail. How could he have been seeing a reflection of something we haven't even done yet? Am I making an sense here?" Janeway: "No. But that's okay. One of the more difficult concepts to grasp in temporal mechanics is that sometimes effect can precede cause. A reaction can be observed before the action which initiated it."
- Torres to Janeway regarding the decision to pick the real ship: "If you're wrong, we're going to have a long time to debate it."
- Carey and Torres making up.
- The shrunken doctor.

My Review
This episode was ill constructed, but still highly entertaining. The primary plot about the black hole ended up becoming secondary to the Federation vs. Maquis conflict. This is mostly a good thing, frankly the Federation vs. Maquis conflict is far more interesting anyway. The major problem with the episode is that the science surrounding this black hole is utter nonsense, among other annoying bits of technobabble. See the problems section regarding the black hole. Beyond that, it's a great episode. I loved seeing the doctor get more and more annoyed with being ignored, and I enjoyed seeing Torres and Janeway beginning to hit it off. The final scenes where Torres and Carey make up are gratifying as well. The whole episode just came off "correctly" with regards to the Federation and Maquis people integrating. Of course we will be seeing more conflict, but I'm glad that they're wrapping most of it up right away instead of letting it dominate the stories. That said, if the science were better in this episode, I'd have given it a much higher rating.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Rob on 2008-04-24 at 8:09pm:
    The one thing I've always hated about Voyager, the series not the ship, is that they introduce these great secondary characters and then they disappear so that a bunch of anonymous characters can show up for one episode and then disappear. Carey is one of them: he vanishes soon and then only appears in S7 so he can be killed... why didn't we see him FAR more often in Engineering? Vorik is another one we could have seen a lot more of as a "passing character" or the one to hand in a report and give a few lines during the "disaster of the week".


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