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Star Trek Voy - Season 6 - Episode 09

Star Trek Voy - 6x09 - The Voyager Conspiracy

Originally Aired: 1999-11-24

Seven suspects there is a conspiracy. [DVD]

My Rating - 6

Fan Rating Average - 4.53

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- It's kind of annoying that there's a "nearby Talaxian outpost" this far away from Talaxian space.

- Thanks to the catapult in this episode, Voyager has shaved about 3 years off their journey. This means Voyager has traveled the equivalent of about 51 years since it began its journey. (10 years [Voy: The Gift] + 5 years [Voy: Year of Hell] + 2 years [Voy: Night, rounded down] + 1 year [Voy: Hope and Fear, rounded up] + 10 years [Voy: Timeless] + 15 years [Voy: Dark Frontier] + 3 years [Voy: The Voyager Conspiracy] + 5 seasons of conventional warp = 51 years.)

Remarkable Scenes
- Seven of Nine's complex web of reasoning for how she discovered the parasites Neelix accidentally brought aboard.
- Voyager stumbling on the space catapult.
- Tash regarding his catapult: "Catapult a vessel across space, in the time it takes to say 'catapult a vessel across space.'"
- Seven of Nine speculating that a tractor beam recovered one of the reactors on the Caretaker's array.
- Seven of Nine outlining her conspiracy theory to Chakotay.
- Seven of Nine outlining her new conspiracy theory to Janeway.
- Seven of Nine accosting Naomi.
- Janeway and Chakotay confronting each other with (perhaps not so) subtle innuendo.
- Chakotay: "You didn't poison the coffee did you?" Janeway: "Not any more than I usually do."

My Review
This episode is both annoying and wonderfully hilarious at the same time. Seven of Nine's conspiracy theories reminded me of clinically paranoid people who have nothing to do but study the intricacies of world politics all day so that they can invent government conspiracies. A nice tip of the hat there. But Seven's behavior was hardly rational. It seemed pretty clear early on that Seven's theories were bogus, so it was kind of annoying but also somewhat funny watching as she managed to convince both Chakotay and Janeway of conflicting theories. Kind of reminded me of a sleazy car salesman. While Seven's actions made the plot kind of exciting, I think Voyager's cooperation with Tash is the remarkable part about the episode. Tash's catapult reminds me a lot of Babylon 5's hyperspace gate. A small deficiency, why didn't Voyager get the schematics of this catapult? They could have attempted to build another one; and even if they failed they could at least transmit the schematics to Starfleet so that the Federation could build some and send some to Voyager in sequence. Oh well.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Pete Miller on 2007-01-02 at 4:05pm:
    This episode kind of reminded me of DS9: Whispers. The convincing conspiracy theories demonstrates how evidence can be arranged to support all kinds of wild theories, and that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. It also makes fun of a lot of current conspiracy theories that violate Occam's Razor to a ridiculous extent.
  • From Thoms on 2008-03-12 at 8:57am:
    I like Voyager, but why don't they wear more casual clothes when the eat, have dinner or are in own quarters. Like Riker on TNG or Sisko.
  • From on 2011-12-27 at 12:34am:
    You know, I think it takes a current or former conspiracy theorist to fully appreciate this episode. I think it did quite a spectacular job and has several important lessons, among them: good and plentiful data does not necessarily mean good information, and even good information does not always translate to actionable knowledge. Our brains loathe chaos, yet the natural and socio-political world is inherently chaotic. Its easy for us to find patterns where none exist. And find solutions and false answers to questions that may ultimately be too complex or bizarre to even begin to answer.

    I love how at the end we're left wondering...What *was* that 'tracking beam' that Seven found? Some kind of astrometric lab artifact? Or something more bizarre?
  • From Rick on 2013-04-09 at 12:09am:
    This episode is awful and an abomination of logical reasoning.

    I went to the grocery store today. Was I picking up food to eat, or establishing channels to monopolize the local food supply to gain power?

    Simply adding or and then a random conclusion to explain simple behavior is shown in this episode to be compelling reasoning. After all, it pretty much convinced the top two officers.
  • From OmicronThetaDeltaPhi on 2014-01-23 at 4:39pm:
    One amusing nitpick: When Janeway tried to regain Seven's trust, she said "Stardate 52840 - the captain orders Seven to study her parent's journals...". Clearly the writers mixed up the events of "11:59" and "Dark Frontier".

    I suppose we could argue that it was Janeway who made the error, but there is no way Seven - in full-paranoid-mode - would have trusted her after such an inconsistency.

    And to Rick:

    The fact that you deny your quest of world domination, is evidence enough that these suspicions are true ;-)
  • From Mike on 2017-06-15 at 7:20pm:
    I did like Tash's catapult, and the episode was intriguing until Seven went all tinfoil hat and laid out wildly speculative theories to both Chakotay and Janeway, apparently within mere hours of each other.

    Lost in all that, though, was one question: what was that tractor beam in the middle of the explosion of the Caretaker Array? That's never sufficiently answered. It's never even made clear that it's the same technology that eventually wound up with Tash. You could assume something survived the explosion and he eventually got his hands on it, but that doesn't make clear what the tractor beam was. Kind of an unsolved mystery of the episode, I guess.
  • From The Emergency Obumpresidential Hologram on 2022-03-02 at 3:39am:
    This episode could have been good, but I agree with Rick, Sevens reasoning was random, she badly needs logic lessons from Tuvok.
    And even worse that Janeway and Chucky immediately fall for it and betray each other to the point they start wearing weapons!
    Add to all of it that Sevens information was at times flat out wrong, like when she talked about the Chakotay-Seska child plot, which wasnt even his child in the end.

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