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Star Trek Ent - Season 2 - Episode 17

Star Trek Ent - 2x17 - Canamar

Originally Aired: 2003-2-26

Archer and Tucker are mistakenly arrested and placed on a prisoner transport vessel bound for the penal colony Canamar. [DVD]

My Rating - 5

Fan Rating Average - 5.05

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Remarkable Scenes
- The prison ship coup.
- Archer passing himself off as the smuggler he was accused of to gain the prisoners' trust.
- Zoumas talking Trip's ear off.
- Kuroda: "I may not know how to fly this ship, but I am sure I can figure out how to crash it!"
- Trip defeating the Nausicaan.
- Archer shooting off his mouth to the Enolian official.

My Review
An episode much like TNG: Gambit, Archer gains the trust of Kuroda in much the same way Picard gained the trust of his captors. We get another dose of fighting and guns, Archer gets beaten up again, though he does manage to do fairly well in a fight this time. It's remarkable that the episode doesn't really have a B plot. The two settings were largely contributing to the same plot. The "Enterprise chases the prison transport" plot though was rather dull and predictable. What little surprise it had to offer, it spoiled by having T'Pol ask Reed about the armaments of the ship that was about to dock with the prison transport. Personally, I thought the scene when Archer blew off the Enolian official was too short. Archer's anger was understandable, but a longer scene would have been a better scene. In addition, the fight between Archer and Kuroda went on far too long. And I was kind of looking forward to watching that prison transport break up in the atmosphere. I wonder why they didn't show it? Maybe because of the Columbia disaster? In any case, this episode was more original than most, but the ending was somewhat anticlimactic.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From peterwolf on 2012-08-25 at 3:31pm:
    I liked this episode, because the characters were more credible than on average in Star Trek and the fiction and science are closer to our age. No ridiculous magic Q-style! Kuroda┬┤s biography was told in an efficient way, so one could understand his actions. Of course, he was a criminal like the more biased Nausicaans, who are always the bad guys. However, the guy was funny too, remember, when he says "thanks" to Trip! Even if you do not rate such stories high, I would like to have more of that stuff for the sake of continuity (Nausicaans) and development of the Star Trek universe. Also, the humor, e.g. Trip and the talkative prisoner, was well integrated into the story.

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