The Way to Heaven

The Way to Heaven

By Eric Newport

I'm gonna walk on up to heaven,
     and find me a way in.
I'll use my best imagination,
     to forget all my sin!

I need to find a way to heaven;
     my soul is wearing thin.
Wrong thinking "life is what I make it,"
     for fate always weighs in!

Though to secure my stay in heaven,
     hard life I must live in.
But my unscrupulous character
     drove the harder bargain.

Should have controlled all my desire;
     a model citizen.
I played the game to get to heaven
     but seems I couldn't win.

Now dodging gaping holes of fire,
     where dragons lie within.
I must escape on up to heaven,
     and find me some way in.

So I'll just rise up from the ashes,
     and I'll be stained with sin.
Then I'll just walk on up to heaven,
     and cheat me a way in.