I enjoy tinkering with my art skills every now and then. What you see here is mostly a collection of layered fractals with applied textures and distortions. To vote for whichever one is your favorite, click the "vote" link under its thumbnail. Your votes will guide what styles I will use again and which I won't.

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Widescreen wallpapers sized 2560x1600 and 1920x1200 (third gallery)

1600x1200 wallpapers, some 1280x1024 (second gallery)

1024x768 wallpapers, some of irregular size (first gallery)

Special Features

Impact piece in full quality (no compression)
Download (3.5mb png)

Phoenix piece in full quality (no compression)
Download (2.3mb gzip archive; 5.5mb decompressed)

Note: Windows users will need to download 7-zip to decompress the gzip archive.

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