Secret of Mana

Welcome to my Secret of Mana page. This was my first ever RPG and holds a special place in my heart. I definitely had good tastes in firsts because this is one of the most truly remarkable Squaresoft RPGs ever made.

Browse my SoM screenshots or download my save files.
The save files include:
Secret Of Mana.srm - Save file in Potos village Inn containing all level 9 weapons, all level 99 chars, 8 million gp, all the best armor, maxed out all items, maxed out 8:99 magic on both casters, maxed out level 8 weapon skills on all chars.
Secret Of Mana.zst - ZSNES savestate using my (above) savegame positioned just before the final battle.


Now let me clear up some rumors about this game:

Last, but not least, check out this phenomenal fan inspired Flash comic Secret of Mana Theater. It's one of the best web comics I've ever seen. It's more like an episodic animated cartoon than what's implied by the term "web comic." Truly amazing, check it out! Amazing website for any SoM fan.