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Star Trek TNG - Season 2 - Episode 17

Star Trek TNG - 2x17 - Samaritan Snare

Originally Aired: 1989-5-15

Geordi is taken hostage by the Pakleds. [DVD]

My Rating - 7

Fan Rating Average - 5.05

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- Welsey: "Was this before the Klingons joined the Federation?" Picard: "That's right." Er... how about no? The Klingons never joined the Federation. Wesley's line should have read, "was this before the Klingons made peace with the Federation?"


Remarkable Scenes
- Picard's adversarial conversation with Pulaski then his tragically coincidental forced travel companion being Wesley, whom he despises, then his having to give embarrassingly confusing orders to his crew.
- The Pakleds. So absurd that they're funny!
- Picard's stout refusal to admit the details behind his operation and why Pulaski can't perform it is great.
- Wesley: "Didn't you ever wish you had kids of your own?" Picard: "Wishing for a thing does not make it so."
- Picard, to Wesley: "Why do I get the distinct impression that you're acting like some kind of escort?" Wesley: "Doctor Pulaski asked me to make sure that you actually went inside." Picard: "That woman... she would."
- Attempting to discretely communicate the plan for the ruse, Data: "Goodbye Geordi. I shall miss you at weapons systems analysis." Geordi, obviously confused: "Uh huh."
- After being clapped at, Picard says: "I beg your pardon?"

My Review
It's nice to learn more about Picard's past though this forced trip he has to take with Wesley. It's also nice to see Picard realizing that he tends to treat Wesley unfairly, thus making an attempt to change his attitude. There seems to be almost a sort of bonding that takes place. Despite the obvious contrivance of the Enterprise rushing into action to save Picard in the end, the entire story was most enjoyable. Even the Pakleds, for who I can say nothing else except they were inexplicably boundlessly entertaining.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From DSOmo on 2007-06-28 at 8:19am:
    - As the shuttle prepares to leave the Enterprise , Wesley says, "Shuttle Craft 2 is ready for departure." Yet all of the markings on the shuttle say "01."
    - Why doesn't the Enterprise warp over to Starbase 515 instead of sending Picard and Wesley on a shuttle? If it did, it would be a short show because all the dialogue between Picard and Wesley would be missing.
    - Troi warns Riker that La Forge is in great danger. Although Troi has demonstrated her accuracy and worth many times before, Riker does nothing. If he did listen and beamed La Forge back to the Enterprise ... it would be a short show ;)
    - After surveying the Pakled ship, La Forge claims that it contains equipment from the Romulans, Klingons, and the Jaradan. First of all, the Pakleds don't seem like brilliant strategists. Nonbrilliant strategists tend to use the same approach over and over. If that's true, the Pakleds did the same thing with the Romulans and the Klingons. Does this seem like an approach that would work with Romulans and Klingons?
  • From CAlexander on 2011-04-10 at 4:40am:
    An average episode, the Pakleds are amusing and there is some good interaction between Picard and Wesley.

    DSOmo: I agree that their tactic of stealing a crewmember wouldn't work too well with the Klingons or Romulans. But frankly, it wasn't working too hot with the Federation either. The whole idea is, appropriately, idiotic. My best guess: The Pakleds suckered some benevolent race, acquired some technology, then went around robbing small vessels and obtaining second-hand technology one way or another. When they saw how big the Enterprise was, somebody had the bright idea of using trickery again, but didn't think it through so well.
  • From lordcheeto on 2017-07-29 at 3:15am:
    After the main power failure, Geordi uses his communicator to inform Riker that it's going to take him longer than he expected.

    Riker says "on screen", even though Geordi wasn't communicating with the ships system, and it still works.
  • From McCoy on 2017-11-18 at 8:44am:
    I'm rewatching the series and still wandering... Why most people hate Pulaski, but call Picard best captain of all Trek series? This episode is one of best evidence that Picard is jerk, while Pulaski is great doctor and compationate person. Picards attitude towards her after his surgery is horrible. On her place I would leave Enterprise at once.
    PS - Pulaski once claimed she could help Geordi with his eyes. I bet she could. If she says she can do something, then she can:)
  • From Azalea Jane on 2021-07-22 at 2:34am:
    Agreed with DSOmo above. Riker, you of all people know better than to ignore Troi's warnings. Seriously! Geordi wasn't even sent over with a security detail. In just the previous episode, "Q-Who?", the crew learn an important lesson about complacency, and now this!

    SO disappointed they didn't utilize the captain's yacht in this episode. I know, I know, budget. ...but still. I wish they had contrived something better than a tiny, slow shuttlecraft. Overall a pretty solid episode, though. Good backstory for Picard that gets revisited in "Tapestry" later.

    "Any rumors of my brush with death are greatly exaggerated."

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