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BSG - Season 5 - Episode 02

BSG - 5x02 - The Plan, Part 2 - Originally Aired: 2009-10-27

My Rating - 7

Fan Rating Average - 3.57

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On the eve of their execution, the two Cavil models found and identified as Cylons just after Starbuck and Anders returned to the fleet from Caprica reminisce about where their plan for humanity went wrong. [Blu-ray] [DVD]

- Roslin's order to airlock the Cavils was retconned to have Tigh give the order instead for some reason.
- Bad Cavil in Lay Down Your Burdens said in response to the attack on the colonies being an error: "I could have told them that. Bad thinking, faulty logic, our first major error in judgment." Why would Bad Cavil say that? It's not what he believed at all... oh I know, because when they wrote that episode they had no idea Jane Espenson was going to retcon the two Cavils into having opposing viewpoints. ;)
- The scene depicting Giana returning from working on the hangar deck saying that Tyrol had asked her to look over the captured Raider takes place after Adama asks Boomer to take a Raptor and destroy the Basestar orbiting Kobol. This is problematic because Adama only ordered Boomer to do it because Kara at this point had stolen the raider.
- In No Exit, Cavil tells Ellen that he had eliminated sleep from his programming decades ago, but is depicted as getting ready for bed with a Six in this episode.

- It looks like Boomer was right after all in 2x04 Resistance when she said there were eight Cylons in the fleet at the time! When she said that, the following eight Cylons were in the fleet: Tigh, Ellen, Tyrol, Tory, Boomer herself, the Six model from The Plan, Cavil, and D'Anna. Good guess by Boomer! ;)

Remarkable Scenes
- Leoben: "She flew a raider. Learned how to control it from the inside. Nobody taught her how. Kara Thrace plucked that knowledge from the stream." Cavil: "I don't care if she plucked puppies from god's ass! You're worse than the frakkin' sixes!" Leoben: "She has a destiny. Something beyond us. I'm starting to understand why god loved humankind before he changed his mind."
- Leoben doing some kind of mind meld with Kara.
- Boomer: "What do you want from me? I shot him twice in the chest." Cavil: "How about once in the head? Did you think of that?"
- The Simon in the fleet committing suicide.
- Six whining about the failures of all the Cylon agents: "Doral blew himself up causing minor damage to a minor hallway. And Boomer jettisoned the water and then personally found loads more water. Then she shot Adama, but not very accurately since she loved him. And then Leoben, he got obsessed with Kara Thrace and then was captured and airlocked. And my sister Six utterly failed to discredit Baltar and his dreamy hair and destroyed our frakkin' cover in the process. And now Simon. Simon killed himself. Really killed himself. Out of resurrection range without blowing up the ship that he lived on because he couldn't imagine life without his little human wife and his little human daughter because he loved them."
- Simon and Cavil listening in on Anders and Starbuck having sex.
- Giana discovering that her husband was a Cylon.
- Cavil on Galactica murdering the orphan kid John.
- Cavil on Caprica having a change of heart about the attack on the Colonies.
- Cavil from Galactica: "We're going to die in a vacuum." Cavil from Caprica: "There's a 170 foot launch tube in front of us. We might die of our injuries before we get to the vacuum."
- Cavil from Caprica: "We had a temper tantrum in the form of a cataclysm. Because we wanted them to treasure us, the ones, more than humanity, more than their own history and blood." Cavil from Galactica: "We didn't want to be loved. We wanted to be treated fairly." Cavil from Caprica: "We wanted to be held to a bosom. To be petted and perfumed and told we were the princes of the universe." Cavil from Galactica: "Yes, well if the humans were gone..." Cavil from Caprica: "Our parents would mourn. They'd love them more anyway."

My Review
The second half of The Plan offers still more nice tidbits of continuity and plot hole pluggings. For example, Boomer did not kill Adama because she was a weak Cylon model, as was hinted at. And Leoben was able to learn so much about Starbuck's childhood in Flesh and Bone because he reached into her mind somehow and learned this information that way.

Unfortunately though, we have chalk up most of that Leoben stuff to yet more "god." For one, Leoben was shown a bunch of events that hadn't happened yet when he mind melded with Starbuck, apparently having been given insight into her destiny. He is also seen painting Starbuck's mandala prior to mind melding with her.

Additionally, this film aggravates the issue with the largely ignored D'Anna Cylon model within the fleet in season 2. It is not explained why she appeared solely to make a documentary in season 2 and then is never heard from again. It is noted that Cavil does not exert full control over his agents; that they have a tendency to do whatever the hell they want, which explains why the Cylons' many opportunities to wipe out the fleet in seasons 1 and 2 were largely squandered.

But unfortunately no explanation of D'Anna's motives was given at all, instead focusing on the new Simon model we never saw at all prior to now. In addition to this, the second Six model within the fleet that Cavil consorts with receives no closure either. Like D'Anna, it is not explained why she was never outed, especially after Cavil was executed. We have to just assume like D'Anna that she stayed hidden until the Cylons occupied New Caprica or that they both died when Gina blew up Cloud 9.

One detail I greatly enjoyed was the little boy, John, a parallel to Cavil, who is also named John. The boy being an orphan that nobody wants is the personification of how Cavil sees himself. Cavil murdering the boy is thus a great demonstration of both his twisted cruelty as well as his own self-loathing.

But "love outlasts death." This recurring line in The Plan is ultimately the lesson at least one Cavil learns. Cavil wanted his parents to love him more, so he saw fit to exterminate those who he felt competed for their love, tragically unaware that doing that would change nothing. Indeed, the Cavil that learned his lesson was either boxed by the other Cavil or ultimately changed his mind back by the beginning of season three, rendering this entire story largely irrelevant, if an interesting psychoanalysis of Cavil.

So in the end, if you're fascinated by Cavil's character and want to see more, or are curious about the Cylons' point of view prior to season three, this is certainly a fun film worth watching. It's unfortunate that we didn't get to see more of the Cylons activities prior to the attack on the colonies, or that nothing from seasons three and four was covered, but what we got was a nice ride. I especially enjoyed seeing the attack on the colonies from the Cylons' point of view, which was pretty damn cool. However, this piece would have been much stronger with some tighter and more comprehensive continuity.

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