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BSG StatisticsAverage RatingEpisodesPoints
Pilot miniseries9.5219
Season 16.771388
Pilot miniseries & season 17.1315107
Season 26.320126
Season 2 & Razor6.5922145
Season 36.0521127
Season 46.5824158
Season 4 without Razor6.3222139
The Plan7.5215
Blood & Chrome6.5213
BSG as a whole6.584546
Caprica StatisticsAverage RatingEpisodesPoints
Season 17.1619136
Caprica as a whole7.1619136
BSG & Caprica together6.62103682
Original Series StatisticsAverage RatingEpisodesPoints
1978 series4.2124101
1980 series2.51025
1978 & 1980 series3.7134126
All BSG shows together5.9137808

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Fan Ratings
Remarkable Scenes
Fan Commentary
Episode Commentator Date
BSG: Pilot Miniseries, Part 1 Matt W 2022-10-20
BSG TOS 1978: Saga of a Star World, Part 1 Amy Jo Jinkerson 2022-04-18
BSG TOS 1978: The Long Patrol Gary 2021-09-01
BSG: Someone to Watch Over Me Sara Waterbury 2021-07-01
Caprica: Pilot, Part 1 Adam 2019-08-22
BSG: The Eye of Jupiter Colin 2019-01-08
BSG: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2 Jay Groovara 2018-10-22
BSG: Faith Thomas 2017-07-14
BSG: Daybreak, Part 3 Lumzi 2016-12-16
BSG: Daybreak, Part 3 Lumzi 2016-12-16
BSG: Pegasus Ray Mayers 2016-04-22
BSG: Razor, Part 1 Kethinov 2016-01-29
BSG: Razor, Part 1 Dave 2016-01-29
BSG: Resurrection Ship, Part 2 Dave 2016-01-21
BSG: A Measure of Salvation festus 2016-01-13
BSG: Exodus, Part 2 kevinphiggins 2015-09-04
BSG: Downloaded Kethinov 2014-12-21
BSG: Downloaded Rob 2014-12-20
BSG: Home, Part 2 Kethinov 2014-12-19
BSG: Home, Part 2 Rob 2014-12-19
BSG TOS 1978: The Lost Warrior Zoltan 2014-11-11
BSG TOS 1978: Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 2 Zoltan 2014-11-11
BSG TOS 1978: The Lost Warrior BSG Watcher 2014-09-19
BSG: Daybreak, Part 3 Kethinov 2014-09-02
BSG: Daybreak, Part 3 Orion 2014-09-01
BSG Blood and Chrome: Pilot, Part 1 Mazryonh 2014-02-06
BSG: Pilot Miniseries, Part 2 Mazryonh 2014-02-06
BSG: Maelstrom Griffopolis 2014-02-02
BSG: Final Cut -_Name_- 2013-07-18
BSG: Unfinished Business Peremensoe 2013-07-12
Episode Fan Rating My Rating Date
BSG: Razor, Part 1 6 10 2024-05-30
Caprica: Pilot, Part 2 6 7 2024-05-29
BSG: Daybreak, Part 1 9 4 2024-05-26
BSG: Six Degrees of Separation 4 2 2024-05-25
BSG: Epiphanies 0 6 2024-05-22
Caprica: Pilot, Part 2 2 7 2024-05-21
BSG: Someone to Watch Over Me 1 6 2024-05-19
BSG: Collaborators 9 6 2024-05-17
BSG TOS 1978: Fire in Space 0 5 2024-05-17
BSG: Faith 1 7 2024-05-14
BSG: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2 2 10 2024-05-14
BSG: Guess What's Coming to Dinner? 0 10 2024-05-13
BSG TOS 1980: The Return of Starbuck 9 7 2024-05-13
BSG TOS 1978: Fire in Space 0 5 2024-05-12
BSG: Exodus, Part 2 4 10 2024-05-12
BSG: Occupation 2 8 2024-05-11
BSG: Collaborators 3 6 2024-05-09
BSG: Resurrection Ship, Part 1 0 9 2024-05-09
BSG: Daybreak, Part 3 1 1 2024-05-09
BSG: Occupation 2 8 2024-05-08
BSG: Collaborators 9 6 2024-05-06
BSG: Razor, Part 1 6 10 2024-05-04
BSG: He That Believeth in Me 0 7 2024-05-01
BSG TOS 1978: Fire in Space 0 5 2024-04-30
BSG: Guess What's Coming to Dinner? 0 10 2024-04-26
BSG: Collaborators 3 6 2024-04-26
BSG: Guess What's Coming to Dinner? 8 10 2024-04-26
BSG: Razor, Part 1 6 10 2024-05-01
BSG: Resistance 5 5 2024-04-24
BSG: Daybreak, Part 3 1 1 2024-04-21

Short FAQ

How do your reviews work?
Each Battlestar Galactica series is divided by season and a link to a page where each season is reviewed episode by episode is provided. Each episode review shows a screenshot, the season and episode number, the episode name, the original air date, my rating, a synopsis, a list of technical problems or unanswered questions, a list of interesting factoids, a list of remarkable scenes, and some commentary. You may also attach your own ratings, reviews, and commentary to mine.

How does your rating system work?
It is a scale from 0 to 10. An episode rated 10 would be one of the best episodes Battlestar Galactica has ever done. A rating of 5 would be average. A rating of 0 would be an exceptionally bad episode.

What's the deal with your average rating?
Battlestar Galactica in its various forms is television at its biggest extremes. BSG TOS 1978 and especially BSG TOS 1980 were exceptionally poorly done. The 2003 BSG reboot conversely is widely considered to be the best and most important science fiction show to be produced since Star Trek and is widely considered to have raised the bar of science fiction thus beginning a third generation of science fiction. As such, my average rating for BSG TOS 1978 and BSG TOS 1980 is pretty low and my average rating for anything post BSG TOS is pretty high.

You're going to catch hell from TOS fans for your average rating.
Probably. But die hard fans of TOS largely don't seem to realize that first generation science fiction (pre ~1987) TV shows outside of Star Trek TOS largely failed to produce timeless stories. Too many elements of American popular culture bled into the writing, props, and overall style making BSG TOS vaguely ridiculous once it had been antiquated beyond a certain date. Star Trek TOS failed on this level in some ways as well, as did all first generation science fiction. But science fiction television has learned from these mistakes. Thus second and third generation science fiction tries much harder to ignore American popular culture. The writers don't want their shows to be seen as vaguely ridiculous in a couple decades.

I submitted a comment and it's been weeks! Are you ever going to post it?
I don't check the queue every day. But if your comment does not appear after a prolonged period of time, and you've not received a rejection notice, then I've probably silently deleted it, or you typo'd your private E-mail address. I don't always issue a rejection notice when I delete a submission. On the rare event that you do receive a rejection notice, it is probably because I found lots of value in your submission and simply want you to refine it a bit more and resubmit. If I've silently rejected your submission, it means I found something fundamentally wrong with it and am unwilling to work with you. I know all of this comes off as arrogant and condescending, but this is my website, and I do believe in maintaining a certain level of quality control. All that said, and while I do reject a lot of submissions, I do accept more than I reject. Please, don't let it bother you.

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