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BSG TOS 1980 - Season 1 - Episode 06

BSG TOS 1980 - 1x06 - Spaceball - Originally Aired: 1980-3-30

My Rating - 1

Fan Rating Average - 3.44

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# Votes: 22 16 8 11 4 3 1 8 9 7 2

The renegade Xavier returns, sabotaging Troy and Dillon's Viper and attempting to kidnap the Galactica children, whom Jamie has taken to play at a baseball camp where she's doing a story. [DVD]



Remarkable Scenes
- Dillon regarding the Viper troubles: "Maybe Dr. Zee made a mistake?" Troy: "Nah, that's impossible."
- Starla throwing the baseball through a solid wooden wall.
- The spacewalk.

My Review
Xavier is just too idiotic to take seriously anymore. First of all, there's no explanation as to how he escaped and returned after the events of the pilot episode. Second, his methods in this episode are just dumb. Xavier is supposed to be on Galactica's side. He wants to see the colonials survive just as much as Adama does. But when he and Adama have a disagreement as to how best to go about doing that, suddenly none of it matters and he reduces to being nothing more than criminal interested in his own greed? One so evil that he'll go so far as to threaten the lives of children? That's just not realistic. Finally, why does evil incognito Xavier have to have a German acccent? Hasn't this show done enough Germany bashing?

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  • From Hugo on 2011-12-25 at 12:29am:
    I am not sure why I am watching this... painfully bad.

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