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BSG TOS 1978 - Season 1 - Episode 20

My Rating - 1

Fan Rating Average - 4.35

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Apollo, Starbuck and Cassiopea return a family of six to the planet Paradeen, but their enemies track them there. Adding to the danger, Starbuck gets lost exploring an underground city. [DVD]

- Apollo says there are only 6000 people in the fleet. What? With 220 ships? That's absurd.


Remarkable Scenes
- The revelation that Sarah sabotaged the Vipers.
- Michael: "What is a Centon?" Again, haha.

My Review
This episode is difficult to take seriously. Once again we have yet another habitable planet. Though, this isn't so bad as this time it serves more of a purpose than usual, and it isn't random. The sleeper ship was coming here all along. What this episode does do is serve as a proper introduction to what Terra and the Eastern Alliance are all about, which was the expected conclusion to the previous episode's setup. But this continued story is told with even more silliness than its predacessor.

This episode is possibly the best evidence that the creators of BSG 1978 wanted to market this as a kids show. Something light hearted and not meant to be taken seriously. I suppose there isn't anything wrong with that, but with such dramatic potential in the premise, I still feel that episodes like this one are not true to the spirit of the premise. Episodes like this one make the survival of humanity after the destruction of the 12 colonies seem like fun and games. And that's just sad.

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